Computer Modeling

Character Model Demo Reel (2010)

This is my character specific modeling reel and art portfolio from 2010. The characters were designed to be suitable for a professional level Playstation 3 video game, which means they were created on a “polygon budget” and textured accordingly. The character wireframes and texture maps can be seen in the video as well as unused animal designs for the children’s computer game “The Meadow” by Clicktoy Interactive.

Animation and rigging by Kris Hanzek.
“The Meadow” footage © Clicktoy Interactive.
Programs Used: Autodesk Maya 2008, Pixologic ZBrush 3, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
Download Video: Tomi Hanzek 2010 HD

Voice Acting Animation (2011)

The “superhero” character design “Vergon” in a lip-sync acting animation.

Animation and rigging by Kris Hanzek.
Programs Used: Autodesk Maya 2008, Pixologic ZBrush 3, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

Character Model Gallery (2010)

Rendered stills of recent and older character models, as well as the various animals made for Clicktoy Interactive.

Ancient Rock Wall Animation (2014)

This is a 3D animation of the ancient rock wall buried underneath, aptly enough, the city of Rockwall, Texas. This render is based off the research of John Lindsey, who created the map of the subterranean structure after years of meticulous surveying. The controversial site is said to be an artificial wall made from stone bricks held together with a geopolymer mortar.

Other 3D Model Work (2014)

Rendered stills of texture and UV design work done for local Vancouver advertisement company.

Drafting Gallery (2010-2014)

Computer generated 3D drafting models designed for Mario Hanzek & Sons Construction, Ltd. Used for presentation purposes only. Physical interior and exterior construction, labour and other contract work provided by Mario Hanzek & Sons Construction, Ltd.