Epochs of Eternity, Book 1: The Secret Journey (2020)

A two-part illustrated fantasy adventure novel set in a world thousands of years after the fall of our own civilization.

Written and illustrated by Tomi Hanzek. Book 1 coming in 2020.


Epochs of Eternity, Book One: The Secret Journey is an epic adventure set in an age thousands of years after the cataclysmic fall of our civilization.

It is an illustrated novel, the first book in the Epochs of Eternity series, which unites science fiction with high fantasy, gritty realism with ancient legends, history with mythology, science with magic.

In this exotic new world of gods, kings, monsters, and men, the destinies of five unique individuals become intertwined in a secret journey of discovery, peril, love, and war.

The fate of all rests in the actions of a scarred princess, a veteran archaeologist, an enslaved concubine, the hero of an empire, and a bastard prince.

Welcome to Epochs of Eternity.


Preview of chapter illustrations:

Free eight-chapter preview of “The Secret Journey”:

Epochs of Eternity, Book One – Preview


Multiplayer #1 (2012)

Multiplayer #1 Digital Book Cover

Multiplayer is an online, digital comic book series currently available on Comixology for $0.99.


Multiplayer Synopsis

An infamous archaeologist discovers the truth behind a long-lost legend which foretells the return of an ancient demon king and with it, the death of all life on Earth.

Can she and her sorceress friend, a martial arts master, a superspy, a vampire hunter, and a legendary swordsman work together long enough to save the world? Find out in this new series some have described as “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for video game fans.”


<div id=”other_links”>Multiplayer #1 is also available to download from this website via PayPal.

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10-page Preview of Multiplayer #1

Reviews for Multiplayer #1

“Multiplayer is a comic for gamers. It is incredible” A+

– ComiXology Submit Comics Reviews | IGN Blog

“If you like video games, if you enjoyed Wreck-It Ralph, and more importantly if you love good storytelling, I highly recommend you pick up Multiplayer #1… one hell of an entertainingly awesome read.”

– Bleeding Cool

“Fun Stuff! My lack of familiarity with all of the video game references did not distract nor turn me off on this book.”

– Forces of Geek

“It’s like the Avengers of video game characters”

– Comic Book Therapy