Apocalyptia, Book 1: The Secret Journey (2019)

A two-part illustrated fantasy adventure novel set in a world thousands of years after the fall of our own civilization.

Written and illustrated by Tomi Hanzek. Book 1 coming in 2019.



Preview of chapter illustrations:

Multiplayer #1 (2012)

Multiplayer #1 Digital Book Cover

Multiplayer is an online, digital comic book series currently available on Comixology for $0.99.


Multiplayer Synopsis

An infamous archaeologist discovers the truth behind a long-lost legend which foretells the return of an ancient demon king and with it, the death of all life on Earth.

Can she and her sorceress friend, a martial arts master, a superspy, a vampire hunter, and a legendary swordsman work together long enough to save the world? Find out in this new series some have described as “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen for video game fans.”


<div id=”other_links”>Multiplayer #1 is also available to download from this website via PayPal.

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10-page Preview of Multiplayer #1

Reviews for Multiplayer #1

“Multiplayer is a comic for gamers. It is incredible” A+

– ComiXology Submit Comics Reviews | IGN Blog

“If you like video games, if you enjoyed Wreck-It Ralph, and more importantly if you love good storytelling, I highly recommend you pick up Multiplayer #1… one hell of an entertainingly awesome read.”

– Bleeding Cool

“Fun Stuff! My lack of familiarity with all of the video game references did not distract nor turn me off on this book.”

– Forces of Geek

“It’s like the Avengers of video game characters”

– Comic Book Therapy